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Fashionable footwear at the fairest price possible – that's our motto here at Dream Pairs. We believe stylish shoes shouldn't cost a fortune, that's why we've cut out the middle man to offer the finest designs straight from the factory floor to your door!

Launched in 2013, we started out as an independent Amazon seller with a passion to change the fashion footwear game. With over a decade of insider retail experience, Dream Pairs and the Top Glory Trading Group are dedicated to sourcing, designing and manufacturing the highest quality ladies, men's and children's shoes at a fraction of the high street price. But how?


Covetable design concepts..

With a design team based in the heart of the big apple, we've got the inside edge. Taking style inspiration from international catwalks and kerbside couture, our dedicated NYC collective work tirelessly to create the most covetable, comfortable and stylish footwear designs.


Quality over quantity...

Straight from the sketch pad to the factory floor, our quality control team meticulously oversee every part of the manufacturing process. From sourcing the finest materials to the assembly line and beyond, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and unfaltering dedication to affordable design.


The customer is always right...

Cutting out fancy marketing strategies and flagship stores, we're able to ship the freshest footwear styles right from the factory straight to your door, giving you the greatest designs at a fraction of the high-street price. Plus, with an attentive customer service crew waiting in the wings to answer all your questions, we can offer the best after care service – always with a smile!


Leading the fashion pack with dynamic, design lead footwear styles for every occasion, we're one step closer to revolutionising how we shop forever... Join the movement and say goodbye to over priced shoes and hello to desirable footwear from Dream Pairs! 

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