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Small But Sturdy

Meow your way into the best of the best styles and fashion. Grab yourself a pair of kitten heels. It's an easy effortless choice. Small but sturdy. Tasteful and comfortable options are available in a variety of colors. Pick up a pair of Kitten Heel pumps for a splash of glamour and elegance that every closet should have.

High-Quality Material

The feminine quality of Kitten Heels is not an easy look to pull off. It's not that simple. Women's Kitten heels need equally fabulous material to achieve a graceful look. Dream Pairs goes all the way to offer you every possibility when it comes to material and designs. Suede leather, PU leather, just suede. All include a latex padded insole for extra comfort..

Grab Control

Be in control of the situation when you rock a pair of Kitten Heel sandals or pumps. This is not a height that's going to do anything but lift you to where you want to be. The height is controllable but your reach is unimaginable when you match a pair of kitten heels with your favorite satin dress.  

 What Are Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are typical heeled shoes invented in the 1980s and have remained popular ever since (especially in runways). The name "kitten" is presumed to have emerged from the manufacturer's desire to provide an alternative(short heels) for teenage girls who may not be able to wear high heels. These shoes, designed to reduce lumps and provide comfort, differ from regular women's heel shoes in that the heel height is typically less than three inches on average.

The kitten heel shoes often come in suede or PU leather design. Both designs are stylish and durable to wear for a long time. Aside from their fashionable appearance, their small but sturdy heel allows you to walk around with ease. Perhaps you are picky with styles? You can opt for an open back or a back with slings that form the heel.

These footwear options are in varieties that range from sandals to pumps, and white kitten heels to black. However, you can easily incorporate any of them with your wardrobe clothing. You can wear kitten heel pumps to work in an office or switch to kitten heel sandals to replace high heels at casual evening events. They are always a step up from flats and are still easier to walk in balance while wearing.

 How to Style Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are low-heeled, trendy, and comfortable stiletto shoes you can style with different female outfits. This shoe first appeared in the 80s and has continuously evolved to a modern style, thanks to various shoemakers.

It is the onset of a New Year, and this is the best time to start rocking your kitten heels in a grand style if you have a pair. Given the different varieties available, styling may appear to be difficult, especially if you are a fashion newbie. But I have made it easier for you to transition from the simplest to a complex-chic kitten heel style here.

Kitten Heels with Jeans

Jeans are naturally well-fitted with a variety of trendy women's footwear. For that, you can skim through your wardrobe, pull out your denim (jeans) and easily style them with your kitten heels to your outfit preference. Whether you are settling for straight-leg jeans or cropped ones, you can easily dress up your kitten heels with jeans, add a blazer on top, and give it a simple touch.

Dark denim (jeans) will be more appropriate if you aim for a transition from casual to a polished look. If you are of short height, roll the jeans' hem up a bit to show off your ankle and lengthen your leg. During winter periods, pair your kitten heels and jeans with a jacket to stay warm. Perhaps you feel like loosening up a little in warm weather? Put on your jeans and a T-shirt only.

Kitten Heels with Skirt

Kitten Heels with skirts are not just stylish, but they are also a perfect fit with the trend of modern day fashion. While you may always aim to go casual with your skirts, you can change the narrative today and make a formal statement even with your nude kitten heel sandals. Whether you opt for the minis or maxis, both skirts will go well in styling kitten heels as long as you know your hues.

Midi skirts are most suitable with kitten heels if you are scheduling a formal outfit. Even better, the choice of a well-fitted hemline midi skirt will make you appear both professional and attractive. While you must have selected your preferred midi-skirt, avoid stale colors, and opt for an open-toed kitten heel. However, you can also have your way in a semi-casual outing with your kitten heel styled with mini-skirts.

Kitten Heels with Dress

Do you know it is okay to try something new every day if you have different staples suitable for your footwear? Of course, it is. Silver kitten heels with dresses are trendy and a good option to style your heels to what is in vogue. Even if you are not a fashion expert, this style is trendy and timeless.

You can wear your kitten heels with just your favorite dress or add a blazer to make it more structured. Both options are acceptable. Choose an open-toed or slingback kitten heel for warm-weather dressing if the weather is hot and you do not want your feet to get smelly from sweat. More so, a neutral closed-toe heel style can work best for you in a professional setting, depending on your likes. But if you are not familiar with color selection, stick to a black heel or other monochrome ensembles.

Kitten Heels with Pantsuit

Pantsuits also look great with heels, like most other trousers you may have in your wardrobe. Instead of going for high-heeled platform shoes, you can dress up your pantsuit with a pair of kitten heels, which will not look out of place. Wearing the duo is stylish and will attract attention to you.

When it is time to head out for work, look into your wardrobe and pair your kitten heels with a pantsuit. This outfit is formal, and there is no slight chance you will appear ruffled. However, opt for black kitten heels if you aim to enhance your outer look. A little trick to inadvertently lengthen your legs is to wear heels with a closed toe.

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