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Women's Moccasins Slippers



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Faux Fur Moccasin Slippers - BROWN - 1

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Versatility Meets Comfort

The versatility of moccasins is that they can be worn at any time, in any place. Women’s Moccasin Slippers were originally worn traditionally by indigenous people of North America and now have elevated across cultures and oceans to be worn by anyone looking for a versatile protective fashion. Women Moccasin Slippers are a dynamic indoor or outdoor style.

Comfortable and Cool

Secure, restful, homely, and safe. Our slippers are perfect for days that need more attention to detail than most. Slip on our fur-lined Ladies' Moccasin Slippers in tan, brown, red, and black. Our slippers are breathable with high-quality faux fur and even higher-quality insoles. Hand-stitched detailing makes up portions of the designs that keep you comfortable.

Never Ending Benefits

All the benefits surrounding shoes that work for you vs against you. Our Moccasin slippers are dedicated to bringing you the warmth and happiness you deserve. Top-notch fur and an easy slip-on design. Room for comfort and room to breathe. Related Collections 

What Are Moccasin Slippers?

Straight up, moccasins are shoes made from leather and have no heel. Dating back to history when it was first designed and worn traditionally, it doesn't even have a sole. Its components are leather and the seam at the top, which is used to tighten it; this gives moccasins a wrap-like shape around the foot, while the meeting point is at the top where the seam is placed.

Well, not like the ancient again. Moccasins now have soles, making them more practical, comfortable, and real. Even with that, the stitching lines are still present in the designs, and they still have no heels. The moccasins used in native America usually have tassels, beading, or something embroidered on top of them. Moccasin slippers are characterized by the absence of heels, the presence of distinct seams used to tie them together, and the loose fit.

Women’s moccasin slippers are traditionally made of leather, but now the suede and shearling moccasin slippers are of use, which is a product of advancement. The suede moccasin slippers are made from the inner part of the animal skin, giving them a soft surface which is usually a better option to wear. The softness in texture, the calmness in look, and the maintenance are reasons anyone should consider women's moccasin slippers a spec.

Shearling moccasin slippers are made of yearlings, which gives them a hairy look. They are a better option to see you through the cold weather months, as they keep your foot cozy while making you look nice.

Top Outfits To Style With Moccasin Slippers

The different mood isn't the issue. Moccasin slippers are better options for different kinds of outfits. Even before now, many people in some parts of the world have been wearing moccasin slippers. It's just that they haven't been a trend for some time ago until recently. That said, they're better footwear to sport anytime, even if you want to relax in your sitting room.

Besides playing around your living space, though, here are our top ten picks of dresses you can pair with the best women’s moccasin slippers. Read through this guide when looking for what to wear with moccasin slippers for women. You've got to look good in that your comfy, heelless shoe, not unkempt!

Slim-cut pants

As a reminder, slim-cut pants taper smoothly down your ankle. Skinny and boot-cut jeans look good just as leggings and slim-cut slacks. To have an extra touch, get the bottom of your pants cuffed. That will even bring your stunning ladies' moccasin slippers to attention.

Colored pants

Neutral-toned moccasin slippers look great when matched with neutral-colored tops. You can choose a matching top with bottoms and have the pant in bold colors.


Desiring to have shorts as what you put on because of breezy weather or change in temperature is not a reason to say moccasin slippers are irrelevant. Not even the desire to have an adventure look. They are all excuses, but not part of the valid ones. Moccasin slippers go with shorts and will always have the result to be a beautiful look.

Breezy dress

The chic look is an admirable thing. We all wish we look younger, so desiring to have a stylish look isn't bad. Moccasin slippers are always a replacement for sandals and flats. Just check your wardrobe, pick a short and comfortable dress. You’ll love the casual and fun-vibe outfit you'll have at the end.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are the desired dress for city girls. They're easy to wear and to behold. Jeans also give a smart and curvy look. You can pair your moccasin with skinny jeans and a shirt, making them all blue. Rocking your favorite pair of blue jeans with a blue moccasin isn't a crime, and there's no ban on the matching of colors.

Long pants

Don't just let the fear of the winter intimidate you. You can crush, even the winter with an overcoat and long pants. What do you think of the look? It's always an excellent one. The weather will respect you for making that decision.


Dressing less formally is not something terrible either. You can pair your moccasin slippers with chinos and a dress as well. It looks modest and elegant even when you have a nice shirt on the top, which is also a nice outfit for the office.


Moccasin slippers are still dynamic in the sense that you can pair them with skirts. Crowning both with a matching shirt or top gives you a stunning look that seems remarkable. You can have a plain or patterned skirt depending on your choice. The best thing is it can never give an odd look if you match the colors properly.

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