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Ankle Strap Square Toe Stiletto Heels - BLACK PU - 1
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Peep Toe Stiletto Platform Sandals - SHINE SILVER - 1
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Women's Open Toe Pump Stylish Heel Sandals - CHAMPAGNE - 1
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Open Toe Pump Heel Sandals - SILVER - 1
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Mid Heel Strappy Open Toe Sandals - GOLD - 1
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Peep Toe High Heel Platform Sandals - ROYAL BLUE - 1
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Belle Vie Stiletto Sparkly Pumps - SILVER RHINESTONE - 1
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High Heel Strappy Pump Sandals - BLACK NUBUCK - 1
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Stiletto Open Toe Strappy Sandals - BLACK - 1
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Make or Break It

Stiletto Heels have the power to make or break an outfit. Make a casual outfit cute and sexier. Break necks with a skirt and a crop top for a even sexier appeal. Stiletto Heels vary in height but honestly? They match with everything. Grab yourself a pair of black stiletto heels and match it was traditional pin strip black office suite. Our grab a pair of silver stiletto sandals and turn it up a notch with a glittering sheer two-piece set.

Wide Appeal

There’s certainly an appeal that comes across when wearing a pair of stilettos. It’s a casual-cute-capable-of-conquering-anything-at-all vibe that keeps everyone coming back. What makes our stiletto high heels the best is you can walk in them long-term. You can stay up all night at a party with our Stiletto Heels. You can laugh all day at the office with our stiletto heels. Available in pink, red, nude, white, and many more. Whatever look you’re going for. Add Stiletto heels to experience long-term wear and fashion combined.

Fun and Focused

Rock the party, meeting, brunch, or lunch with a pair of Stilettos from our Stiletto Heels Collection. It’s quite simply the easiest way to ensure that you have a fun and focused time. Our insoles arrive equipped with extra latex padding, and our Pumps are to die for. Continue to be fun and focused while looking your absolute best.

  How To Style Stiletto Heels

As a classy lady, you've got no excuse to avoid rocking those thin, super sexy high heeled shoes called the stilettos! They’ve got the power to make any outfit look cute and sexier. Although many may not find them as comfortable as their regular sneakers and flats, all you need is to get the perfect pair and learn how to style stiletto heels beautifully. Thankfully, Dream Pairs stiletto heels not only come at affordable prices but with premium cushioning materials that’ll keep you comfortable all day.

Go out in style with Jeans and Pants.

Jeans are just as versatile and classy as high heels. So, it doesn’t matter if you have skinny, wide-leg, cropped, straight-leg, or whatever style of jeans; you can always rock them with an attractive pair of stilettos once you're ready for the party! Depending on the look you want, you can opt for denim and add a blazer on top for a simplistic touch, or switch things up with an oversized sweater or hoody. Meanwhile, skinny jeans look more stylish when worn with stiletto pumps. Try ankle-length jeans or cuff up the hem to show a bit of skin and stylishly elongate your legs. One last thing! Tucking in your shirt adds to the sauciness. Go monochromatic!

With several people dressing up and down with different shades of outfits, a fancier way to go out in style with your nice pair of stilettos is to go monochromatic! Monochromatic dressing is timeless and would always look coordinated and polished with whatever colour of high heels you choose. To strike the simple, elegant look, try rocking an all-black outfit with a pair of black stiletto heels. You can also experiment with different shades, like rocking your favourite nude stiletto heels with a similarly coloured outfit.

Look glamorous in skirts.

You can’t shuffle through a lady’s closet without coming across several pairs of skirts, at least for most people. And the amusing thing is that you can easily dress them up or down with your stilettos for a casual, business casual, or official event. Platform stiletto heels look stunning when paired with short pencil skirts. Meanwhile, midi and maxi skirts might be the safer choice to wear with most stiletto heels since miniskirts can make your legs look longer than actual. Midi and maxi skirts also help you retain that professional look. Just get the right top and your handbag to look chick.

With a Dress

A cute pair of stiletto heels and a lovely dress is what you need to strike a glamourous look for work. You’ll look stunning, creating a more feminine look, when you pair these elegant heels with a body-con dress.

Want a make a striking first impression on a date? Pair your stilettos with a sophisticated flowery short gown and a handbag that matches your shoe. You may choose to appear more aesthetically by wearing a white dress with pink or red stiletto heels. Feel free to try different shades to see what looks nicer on you

 How to walk comfortably in stiletto heels

"Stilettos are sexy, but not for the faint-hearted." You need to learn to walk in this footwear staple to avoid breaking your legs, and here's all you need.

1. Choose the right pair.

You shouldn't be craving the tallest ones if you're learning to walk comfortably in stiletto heels. The proper way to get your foot familiar with walking in these tiny heeled shoes is to start with the most comfortable pair. Platform stiletto heels or pumps with 2-3 inches are generally what you need here.

Meanwhile, also ensure to choose the right size: you shouldn't be too tight to cause blisters and become too loose that it makes your foot swerve around.

2. Walk heel-to-toe

The simple fundamental way to walk comfortably in stiletto heels is to abide by the heel-to-toe technique. Unlike walking in flats, you’re to place your heel on the ground first, then the toe while walking in heels. With time, it'll do a splendid job in balancing your body and giving you that natural look that doesn't resemble a zombie walk.

It’s, however, the reverse while walking down the stairs. To get the perfect stability here, place your toe on the ground before the heel and don't forget to hold the rail while walking down the stair.

3. Don’t rush. Go steady with the perfect posture.

You probably want to walk faster like a pro on your first attempt at wearing stiletto heels, but don’t do that. As a beginner, you should take baby steps to walk comfortably in stilettos. Walk slower and steadily while maintaining the heel-to-toe movement.

4. Simulate walking in a straight line

You'll need a lot of practice to become a pro at walking in high heels, though it may feel awkward and unnatural at the start. A simple way to speed things up and not look like a first-timer is to simulate walking in a straight line.

When you walk, place your next foot right in front of the previous (like you’re walking on an imaginary straight line). And please, don’t look at your feet while walking in heels. Instead, head up and face your destination while maintaining the ideal posture and the heel-to-toe technique. Just pretend you're cat walking.

5. Break-in your new stiletto high heels and go out in style!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you should never forget to break in your new high heels before wearing them out. The breaking-in period is when you get to know the shoe appropriately—whether it'll be comfortable for you.

And talking of comfort, you'll get used to the stilettos the more you wear them around your house. Simple? Wear them while cooking, vacuuming, doing chores, or just by walking around your apartment.

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