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Wide Calf Boots



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Boots Tailored To Fit

Differences make for magnetic attraction. Feel the full weight of our support with our Dream Pairs Wide Calf Boots for women. We tailored this collection to appeal to the bright stunning women in need of something more. Wide Calf Knee High boots or Wide Calf Thigh High Boots. These boots are adjusted to fit your needs.
Comfort and Happiness

Sorry in advance for all the frustration that was experienced before landing on this page. You’re welcome for bringing that to an end. It doesn’t have to be the perfect fit but it should be. So pick from this collection for that tailored fit. Why settle for anything less than perfect. Especially if it’s not required. Our wide calf thigh-high boots are curated with your happiness in mind.

Stand Tall

Possess your power and have pride in your strength. Our boots help. Wide and spacious, experience room to grow and stand insanely tall in your glory. Take a deep breath, feel the glorious space around your legs. Now take the world by storm. 

Popular Types of Wide Calf Boots For Women

Finding boots that fit comfortably can be a challenge for people with wider calf sizes, but thankfully, there are a variety of wide calf boots available on the market to choose from. Whether you're looking for knee-high boots, winter boots, thigh-high boots, riding boots, or cowboy boots, options out there will fit your style and needs.

Wide Calf Knee High Boots

Wide Calf Knee High Boots are perfect for those who want the coverage and warmth of a knee-high boot but need a wider calf fit. These boots come in various styles, from sleek and sophisticated to rugged and casual. They are perfect for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Wide Calf Winter Boots

Wide Calf Winter Boots are designed to keep your feet warm and dry during the cold winter months. They often feature insulation, waterproof materials, and a wider calf fit. These boots are perfect for braving the winter weather, whether shovelling snow or going for a walk in the park.

Wide Calf Thigh High Boots

Wide Calf Thigh High Boots are perfect for making a fashion statement. They are designed to reach the thigh and are available in various styles, from classic leather to trendy suede. They also come with a wider calf fit. These boots can be worn with dresses, skirts, or leggings and are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Wide Calf Riding Boots

Wide Calf Riding Boots are perfect for horse riding but also look great when paired with leggings or skinny jeans. They feature a flattering, sleek design and a wider calf fit for comfort. These boots are perfect for equestrian enthusiasts but make a stylish and practical addition to any wardrobe.

Wide Calf Cowboy Boots

Wide Calf Cowboy Boots are perfect for a western-inspired look. They come in various styles, from classic leather to colorful embroidery, and are designed with a wider calf fit for comfort. These boots can be worn with jeans or a skirt and are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to any outfit.

How to Style Wide Calf Boots for Women

Finding the perfect pair of boots can be challenging for women with wider calf sizes, but don't let that discourage you! Wide-calf boots can be a stylish and comfortable option with the right styling tips. Here are some tips to help you rock those wide calf boots like a pro:

Embrace the width

Don't try to hide your wider calves; embrace them! Instead of pairing your extra wide calf boots with baggy pants or skirts that will add bulk to your lower half, opt for slim-fitting or straight-leg styles. That will help to elongate your legs and make your boots look more proportionate.

Mix and match

Wide calf boots come in various styles, from wide-fit knee-high boots to wide calf cowgirl boots. Experiment with different styles and materials, such as wide calf leather boots, to find the perfect pair. Mix and match different styles of boots with different outfits to create a diverse and stylish wardrobe.

Pair with leggings and tights

Leggings and tights are a great option to pair with wide-calf boots. They provide a sleek and slimming look while keeping you warm in the colder months. A pair of boots for big calves with leggings or tights and a sweater or tunic can make for a comfortable and stylish everyday look.

Try over-the-knee boots

Wide-fit over-the-knee boots can be a stylish and flattering option for women with wider calf sizes. The higher the boot goes up your leg, the less the width of your calf will be noticeable. When styling over-the-knee boots, keep the rest of your look sleek and simple with a dress or skinny jeans.

Consider heel height

The heel height of your boots can also play a role in your outfit's overall look and feel. If you're looking for a more casual and comfortable look, opt for a pair of flat knee-high boots for big calves. If you're looking to dress things up, a pair of wide-shaft boots with a low heel or block heel can add a touch of elegance to your outfit.


Accessorizing is a great way to add personality to your outfit and make your wide-calf boots stand out. Try pairing your boots with a scarf or statement jewellery to add interest to your look. You can also add a belt to your outfit to cinch in at the waist and create a more defined silhouette.

Wide calf boots can be stylish and comfortable for women with wider sizes. Embrace the extra width, mix and match different styles, pair with leggings and tights, try over-the-knee boots, consider heel height, and accessorize. With these tips, you'll be able to rock those wide-calf boots like a pro

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