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  • Chunky Heel Knee High Boots - GREY -  0
  • Chunky Heel Knee High Boots - GREY - 1
  • Chunky Heel Knee High Boots - GREY - 2
  • Chunky Heel Knee High Boots - GREY - 3
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Chunky Heel Knee High Boots


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Customer Reviews
4.7 4 Reviews
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  • Size: True to Size (Usual Size)


    Love wearing these to add a little extra something to all my holiday/winter outfits.

  • Size: True to Size (Usual Size)

    Super Comfortable Sylish

    I love them so much! The heel is a little higher than I am used to, so that will take some getting used to, but I will. They look great and I got a lot of compliments on them at work. I do NOT stand for my job and I don't think I could, but I walked several thousand steps in them!

  • Great looking boot extremely comfortable all day wear. Stylish!!

  • I received the boots this morning. After having suffered several Amazon/UPS thefts by the drivers and their minions, I was relieved to see these in tact. I am an all-natural, keep-it-real, leather, wood, glass, ceramic, made by Mother-Nature-herself type of woman. I want my hard-earned money to pay for things made by human beings who take pride in their work and in the materials blessed upon them by the Divine Order, by God. But -- back to reality. I am not wealthy, not yet, and so I have to live with the best I can find. It is not always what I want and I have to settle, sometimes. These days, with massive outsourcing by companies charging top dollar for cheap and cheaply made products, you are lucky if you can find something you can actually wear, feel good about, and live with. Because I cannot make my own shoes as access to land and materials is nonexistent for average workers and because I have no time as I have to work hard, all the time, I had to find something in the Navy/Dark blue color area to match items I have to wear. These are my first pair of Dream Pairs. They are true to size, as I am a perfect 9.5 M, and they are true to the description -- which I mostly respect here. I knew that I was paying for a modest looking, not leather, not suede, but maybe comfortable and sexy boots. I am 5 foot 8 in, 165 lbs, athletic build with muscled calves at about 15 in circumference. I wear a size 10/12 in US size. The shaft is flexible and snuggish. I am wearing them now as I write this, and I believe they will work well over thin tight jeans and leggings. They do slouch a bit, providing for an upbeat look and they can be worn with casual and more professional attire. The fabric is likely a mid-level mix of polyester and spandex/lycra mix, so there is some stretch in the calves. If you are more on the thin-legged side, the boots will not stand up on you. I have walked around my home on carpet, up and down the stairs, and I have bent over and stretched out in them, jumping up and down to see how they feel early on. The footbed is decent. There is room for more padding. The heel is not exceptional, but it seems it will hold up in normal walking conditions. The fabric can be cleaned and the inside fabric does not itch. I will report back if the skin cannot breathe or any problems arise from this. I am very careful about fabrics given the mass pollution and cancers we all face due to the over-manufacture of synthetic fibers. The dark blue is quite dark and looks black in the dark, but in the light you can see the difference. So, the verdict is you should buy if you cannot afford well-made, all-natural materials. These seem to be a good purchase given the reality of our economy. I may buy again.

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